xstrahl at astro 2023

Meet Xstrahl and Explore Advancements in Radiotherapy at ASTRO 2023

In anticipation of the ASTRO 2023 Annual Meeting in San Diego, California from October 1st to 4th, the International Organization for Radiation for Benign Conditions (IORBC) invites you to meet our founding sponsor, Xstrahl, a leading provider of radiotherapy solutions, at their stand at the San Diego Convention Center.

The ASTRO 2023 conference marks a new programme of activities with Xstrahl, starting with the opportunity to sign up for IORBC membership at the Xstrahl stand.

IORBC is the first international society dedicated to the use of radiation for the treatment of benign conditions and, through working more closely with Xstrahl, our members and the wider radiotherapy community, we are committed to addressing the hurdles to increasing radiation therapy’s role in benign condition treatment.

The IORBC’s CEO, Abe Elkinson, points out that radiotherapy can have a significant positive impact for those patients suffering from painful benign conditions. Yet, whilst there is significant literature evidencing its efficacy, several issues hinder its widespread adoption, including:

  • Radiation specialists’ knowledge gap,

  • A need for further high-quality research,

  • Funding shortages in healthcare systems,

  • Over-estimation of radiation-induced cancer risks.

The IORBC is committed to addressing these issues by enhancing awareness, education, and implementation and welcomes the essential support from our founding sponsor, Xstrahl in meeting these challenges to:

  • Foster a provider community for benign condition radiotherapy,

  • Augment radiotherapy professional education and training,

  • Establish a centralised evidence resource and advocate for novel research.

Meet with Xstrahl at the ASTRO 2023 Annual Meeting at booth 2261 and join IORBC in our quest for advancing radiotherapy for benign conditions.

By becoming a member of the IORBC, you will be joining an international network of physicians and patients interested in the treatment of benign conditions with radiotherapy and increasing awareness and education around this topic.

Membership provides access to a growing physician and clinical network with up to date research data, protocols and best practice. You may also participate in webinars, symposiums and research.

There is no cost to join the IORBC community.