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We’re glad you can join us for this clinical education webinar. Together, we can improve patient care for benign conditions with radiation therapy. Learn more about our organisation and join us as a member by exploring the links below. 

Our Mission

This society aims to promote the awareness of radiotherapy for benign conditions in order to deliver education and training to radiation and other healthcare specialists and to result in improved patient outcomes.

Radiotherapy is the use of radiation to treat disease. It is generally used in high doses to treat cancer, but is also very useful in lower doses to treat non-cancer or benign conditions.

Radiotherapy is mainly used worldwide to treat patients with cancer. It is also effective at treating many non-cancer (benign) conditions but is under-used through lack of awareness, education, funding, research and effective leadership. This group aims to improve awareness of this treatment modality and to develop and host educational materials for the benefit of physicians, patients and other stakeholders. This will include the hosting of an annual conference and collaboration with other relevant specialities and radiation oncology societies.


The need for benign radiotherapy

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